June 11, 2019


An initiative without a data-driven culture loses hearts, minds, and money.

It leaves staff working in silos, teammates confused about priorities, and stakeholders unclear about its effectiveness. Communication is stale and reports are uninspired (along with everyone involved).

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let us help you to assess your needs and design the most impactful, customized plan of action that will get your team on the path to creating a data-driven mindset. Together, we can shape your organizational culture.

Our Services

We address the research, strategy, learning, and community engagement needs of our clients to help to advance their business goals. We infuse the principles of a learning and data-driven culture in order to provide the following high-caliber services:

Monitoring + Evaluation

Our team helps to advance our clients’ data-informed decision-making about their policies, practices, and programs. We help to ensure their work is grounded evidence at every stage of implementation. Our Monitoring + Evaluation services are typically used to inform the continuation, adaptation, and/or expansion of the work. Our services include: 

  • Impact Evaluation
  • Needs Assessment / Formative Evaluation
  • Process Evaluation
  • Systematic Review

Research + Planning

Evaluation + Learning Consulting connects research to practice in order to strengthen our clients’ work. We support our clients in articulating their desired impact and creating a feasible path to get there that is rooted in a diverse portfolio of research. Our Research + Planning services are typically used to design and justify future programs and policies. Our services include:

  • Logic Model Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Best-Practices Research
  • Policy Research

Learning + Development

Evaluation + Learning Consulting believes that a data-driven culture is necessary to building the most successful and sustainable initiatives. As such, we integrate capacity building into every service we provide. From a series of customized workshops to an impact evaluation that teaches staff how to conduct their own, our Learning + Development services offer blended learning opportunities to gain skills in the following areas:

  • Data Analysis + Reporting
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Collection for 2019
  • Data Leadership
  • Strategic Planning
  • Group Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Presenting Better
  • Outcomes vs Outputs
  • Logic Models Made Easy

To learn more about our workshops, click here.

The Logistics

Our engagements will address your immediate need, even if you’re not clear on what they are. Engagement begins with a proposal, which is a valuable opportunity to be sure we understand what you are looking for, and to be sure you understand what we are offering. Even a small investment of time can completely change the way you’ve been doing your work. The cost of engagement depend on length, depth of service required, and number of technical experts needed. We will utilize the wonders of technology for much of the engagement, and travel expenses for key meetings are usually included in our quote. Let’s chat about the details to figure out how we can help.