June 11, 2019


Managing an initiative without a learning culture is like cutting the lawn with a pair of scissors.

You could, but why would you want to? You could save yourself so much time, sweat, and pain by finding more efficient ways, if only you weren’t so busy snipping 10 blades of grass at a time. With scissors, there’s no time to stop, reflect, and improve.

Running a program without a learning culture is much the same. Instead of spending your weeks continually putting out fires, a learning culture creates the space to stop and reflect. To learn from the past and plan for next steps. To create processes and efficiencies. It also allows you to build your skills to enable better reflection. Without a learning culture, information disappears into the dark corners of your memory, never to be seen again.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Let us help you to assess your needs and design the most impactful, customized learning experience that will get your team on the path to creating a reflective, iterative, data-driven culture. Together, we can revolutionize the way you do business.

What You Get

Keynote addresses will strike a chord and light a fire in every attendee. We will get to the heart of your conference’s theme and speak to what motivated your audience to come in the first place. We will address the most important parts of a data-driven culture, leaving your attendees hungry to learn more from your presenters.

Our Data Analytics Certificate provides a defined learning pathway for those who work with data – either directly or indirectly – an opportunity to learn from a standardized curriculum of data analytics classes. The certificates include workshops for two categories of learners: leaders and analysts.

Workshops for leaders provide project managers and supervisors with the language and skills needed to guide their teams towards success. Learn how to create a project plan that leaves everyone motivated and aligned, how to create a program model that assesses itself, and how to determine whether an initiative should be scaled, adapted, or abandoned.

Workshops for analysts will equip any level of staff with the vocabulary and tools needed to do their jobs with more efficiency and confidence. Our workshop attendees will build the skills needed to perform effective analyses, will learn the fine art of storytelling with data, and will learn tips and tricks to creating more democratized data.

You can access our classes in one of four ways:

-Through an open-enrollment, in-person training

-Through an open-enrollment, live online training

-Through a self-paced online class

-By hiring us to teach an exclusive class for you and your staff.

How You Benefit

As instructors, we’re not satisfied until every last participant has their “ah ha” moment. Sometimes it’s a quiet head nod, a little song and dance, or a spontaneous cry of, “there’s learning happening here!” When every member of your team shares a learning experience together, an opportunity for a cultural shift takes place. With that understanding, we help you to assess where you can get the most bang for your buck, and we customize a learning experience to target that need. Most times, the learning experience isn’t the end of our engagement. We can create videos, guides, and other learning tools to cement concepts and to help your team continue learning long after the classroom experience is over. We are here with you for the duration of your team’s learning journey. Let us figure out how we can help.

The Logistics

Our workshops incorporate your data and are designed to enhance collaboration and hands-on learning. They can run anywhere from a half day to three full days, depending on your needs. Even a small investment of time can completely change the way you’ve been doing your work. Actual workshop fees depend on length, level of customization, and number of attendees. Travel expenses are usually included. Let’s chat about the details to land on a figure.